4360 6in Top Grain Padded Leather Belt

4360 6in Top Grain Padded Leather Belt

TOP 1% GRAIN ANILINE LEATHER - The best of the best, this is the most expensive and best looking piece, typically used on high end furniture and jackets.

7MM HEAVY DUTY SUPPORT - A 7mm core provides amazing support for all applications heavy or light.

6IN HI-PROFILE DESIGN - A high profile 6in design means you have support over a wide area of the back while still maintaining flexability with the contoured shape in the front.

FOAM PADDED COMFORT - The back of the belt is foam padded to provide additional comfort. When placed under a heavy load, the foam will push into the core and support will increase.

Package Contents

1 Weight Lifting Belt


The 4360 lifting belt uses a 1% grain pure aniline leather on the top and bottom, the best of the best. Buttons are made of brass, the buckle is made of 304 stainless steel, non-magnetic. Belt thickness is 7mm. This belt is comprised of the finest materials available, this is real leather, not synthetic, split-leather, or synthetic suede.

Material Fit

Check product images for a size chart, measuring is very important to obtain the correct size.

Material Strength

There is no set material strength, but this type of belt is great for almost any application. The 7mm core is extremely strong and built to handle lightweight sets as well as heavy deadlift, bench, and squats. Message us for help selecting a belt if you are not sure which model will be best for your application.

Care Instructions

This product can be cleaned gently with a leather cleaner, do not wash with soap or other harsh chemicals. Always air dry. Do not place this belt in direct sunlight or soaking in water as it may damage the leather.

There is a full purchase price refund within 30 days of your purchase if you are not happy for any reason. After 30 days, is a 1 year full replacement warranty on any product for any manufacturing defect.


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