2050 Padded Rubber Threaded Nylon Straps

2050 Padded Rubber Threaded Nylon Straps

The Contraband Straps work perfect for multiple wraps around a barbell, dumbbell or other piece of equipment for better lifting.

Package Contents

1 pair, 2 straps per package.


These wrist straps use high quality cotton materials with premium rubber logo design. Contraband wrist straps use high quality padding to reduce the load placed on the wrist. These wrist straps were designed with the MMA Fighter, bodybuilder, or crossfit athlete in mind and for use in all sports, bodybuilding, MMA training which require additional grip.

Material Fit

Interwoven rubber provides a high traction surface for gripping on your hand using an over-bar wrap, or to secure the strap against the bar using an under-bar wrap.
Contraband neoprene padding reduces pressure points and distributes the weight around the wrist preventing the strap from cutting into the wrist and causing pain during a heavy lift.
Nylon construction provides an extremely durable strap which in turn results in a long-life product. While cotton will fray and become weak, Contraband nylon straps maintain strength and will perform for many years in use by bodybuilders, powerlifters, and strongmen.

Material Strength

Standard Nylon supports 1000lb+.

Care Instructions

Wrist straps can be placed into cold water with a light cleaning agent. Air dry to prevent damage to the materials.

There is a full purchase price refund within 30 days of your purchase if you are not happy for any reason. After 30 days, is a 1 year full replacement warranty on any product for any manufacturing defect.


The Contraband Difference


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1 year warranty

No questions asked 1 year warranty on all our products (rips, tears, wears out)


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