1067 Classic Knee Wraps (PAIR)

4-Stripe Light Knee Wraps

1067 Classic Knee Wraps (PAIR)

Contraband Pink Label Classic Knee Wraps are used for knee support during heavy lifting. Knee wraps help support the joint and provide some leverage when fully stretched, this allows you to increase weight and maximize the muscle activation during the entire lift.

Package Contents

1 pair, 2 knee wraps are included.


An elastic cotton weave is used to produce the wrap and rubber/silicone is used for the logo.

Material Fit

Adjustable - All Sizes.

Care Instructions

Knee wraps can be placed into cold water with a light cleaning agent, allow to soak for 15 - 30 minutes. Place wraps on a cool dry surface and allow to dry before using. Do NOT heat dry.

There is a full purchase price refund within 30 days of your purchase if you are not happy for any reason. After 30 days, is a 1 year full replacement warranty on any product for any manufacturing defect.

Size Chart

Tension StrengthMaterialPoundsKilometers
4-Stripe LightHigh Stretch Soft Cotton0-1350-50
3-Stripe MediumMedium Stretch Soft Cotton95-22525-75
2-Stripe HeavyLow Stretch Hard Cotton185-31550-150

The Contraband Difference


quality guarantee

1 year warranty

No questions asked 1 year warranty on all our products (rips, tears, wears out)


durable materials

built to endure

We hand select all our materials, stiching, and fabrics to ensure quality.


patented designs

optimized for fitness.

We know the strength of our products because we use them ourselves